Day: September 6, 2005

  • Traffic

    What I normally take 20 minutes on foot from one side of the river to another is now 25 minutes on the road. Guess this city is growing up

  • DBKU Contractors – a big road ho99er

    As I, a frequent motorist along the areas of DBKU, driving along the roads of Petra Jaya, one scene I can always see, is that some red neck DBKU contractors without any permission or notices from the council or Police to the public, Closing one of the two lanes especially outside the resident of our […]

  • Living while dying

    Wow! Petrol at a soaring price of RM 1.61 per liter, this is getting daunting. Isn’t it??? I know Malaysian largest income is from Crude Oil and with the multitudes of refineries here in Malaysia, Why does it cost people more when the source product is the contributing fact of Malaysian income? Anyway, I wish […]