DBKU Contractors – a big road ho99er

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As I, a frequent motorist along the areas of DBKU, driving along the roads of Petra Jaya, one scene I can always see, is that some red neck DBKU contractors without any permission or notices from the council or Police to the public, Closing one of the two lanes especially outside the resident of our former Chief Minister’s house. What I can see is that there are may be 20 workers there, with poor road closure signage, goofing around doing nothing while only couple of people who is on machinaries, actually working.

The Part of the work and play mix is no my business, but I would like to know whether do they really havce the power or authority to close one lane of the road without letting the public know? As far as I know, that stratch of roads have a speed limit of 90 KM per hour. If all the cars are expected to make to that speed, I am sure that there will be unforseen incident or accident occuring.

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