Living while dying

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Wow! Petrol at a soaring price of RM 1.61 per liter, this is getting daunting. Isn’t it??? I know Malaysian largest income is from Crude Oil and with the multitudes of refineries here in Malaysia, Why does it cost people more when the source product is the contributing fact of Malaysian income? Anyway, I wish to bark here from what I’ve read about the ever tighter belt of every living Malaysian here and couldn’t avoid thinking that what used to be enough is now insufficient for the general public.

As I recalled my wife’s first attempt to bake bread, I realized that the price of flour has also increased form RM 1.50 per KG to RM 2.10 per KG from the same baker’s supplier. My old faithful, a 1988 Proton which used to be filled up to the brim with only RM 45 now requires RM 60 to its brim. A usual bowl of noodle used to be RM 1.70 is now RM 2.50, yet one thing and one fact remains the same, that my salary is still remain below par. With average increment of only something around 4% per annum, while the price of things such as flour has increased by a rocket high 40% within the same period of timeframe.

Back couple of years ago, with a less inferior salary which I had, I can save at least several thousand a year paving ways for my usual vacationing habit every year’s trip to visit my ever growing numbers of cousins in Sabah, with the current cost of living that has increased by so many folds, I could only ponder on these trips as fade memories as it is not quite reachable even though my salary has increased by that percentage of amount.

My mom and dad came to my house for a visit last night and we chat about living expenses, I have suggested to them to move in with us and leave the bigger house that they are living in now vacant because they cannot cope with the ever increasing cost of living from the depleting pensions. The cost of living at the bigger house amounting to RM 600 a month excluding food, while over here, my wife and I here in a smaller house will cost around RM 400. By consolidating, I would think that the cost of living will increase from RM 400 to RM 550 but on the saving of having both my parent staying over there with an additional expenditure of RM 600 every month. I would rather have to spend only RM 550 and leave the bigger house vacant with only RM 15 as the monthly expenditure. With the consolidation of two couples will cut the saving a lot therefore giving us better cash flows.

I pray every night that God will provide. In some mysterious way, He did. Out of the air, I was given some provision, thanks to Him. I just pray for miracle that I could survive on with my current salary or an increased salary.

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