Day: September 9, 2005

  • Foot is the place and pain is the game

    Earlier this evening, I went to my usual foot reflexology session. WOW!!!! This is the first time I feel the heat in some of the focal points on my foot. Guess I am aging now more than ever. What the kungfu master has said to me is that my Kidney is bad, My Liver is […]

  • Money Money Money!!!! – The saddist version

    Money Money Money!!! Give me Money, All the riches of the world. Money Money Money!!!! Money Money!!!! He’s the richest of the world. That is the song I heard at 1am this morning played by my inconsiderate Neighbour with a 1 Mw Amplifier, Some Drums, and base guitar. This is followed by Who let the […]

  • Cheated by a bitch

    Almost seven years ago, when I was with my Dad’s company then, we have a lady working for the company handling account and administration. One plight I recently discovered on the company then is that this lady has cheated the company all the EPF contributions paid by the company. This came to the discovery when […]