Cheated by a bitch

Almost seven years ago, when I was with my Dad’s company then, we have a lady working for the company handling account and administration. One plight I recently discovered on the company then is that this lady has cheated the company all the EPF contributions paid by the company. This came to the discovery when I asked EPF to call out my EPF contribution records. Only for me to realised that these monies has gone without a trace.

In two weeks time, it will be seven years since we sold the company. I would only say that this will be pain for us now because the 80k+ EPF contributions for all the staff in the company has “**poof**”

So, everyone out there, Watch out for this lady. TJM is her name, 44 is her age and bitching is her game. Sometimes she also goes by the first name of Ms. Nightingale.