Police!!!! Police!!!! Where are you???

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Some CEO wrote something in their company news letter and with my name mentioned. I’ll let you all read about it.


    Hi Car,

    Long time no see, you’re still a fast car I hoped.

    Here is a story that will amaze you. Since you have been here before, I let you know what has changed since you have left Kuching last year.

    Last month (denotes 8 months ago), I moved into my new house near the bridge. One evening, while I was out sending my sister-in-law home to her hostel in Unimas, after returning home, I have found my house been broken into. In my plight, I plug off my phone from the wall and hit “999“. The phone rang and rang and rang…… continuously without anyone answering for many minutes. I then called our kawan, “the Sgt” He told me to call the Central Police Station at 082-244444 and told me not to call 999 because the number is no longer in use. What a surprise! Right? He said that because the Police is handling thousands of phrank calls a month, so, they have decided to drop the number and opt for their new numbers.

    Your best TTSC is getting married next year to your EGC Team Leader, I mean this year, I mean over two years from 31 dec till 1 Jan, that’s two years for one wedding celebration…………………….
    — Pierce Wong
    Now, Faith is the substantiation of the things hoped for, the conviction of the things not seen – St. Paul.

As some of you who are seniors in the company may have known Pierce, our former team leader in our East Malaysia operation back in 1996.

I am seriously thinking that as I am a frequent tourist and if I am in need of the Police’s help, and that all the hotel and inn in their city still display 999 as the Police contact number and emergency contact number, in the time of needs, I would think that that is the number that I am going to call when I needed help. Let me cautions you all now, Don’t believe whatever you read in Malaysia, again and again.

Their Police with their principles of “Hippy-like Happy, Furiously Fast and Crazily Correct” (Mesra, Cepat dan Betul) has in the comfort of their own well being, create a situation that will cause serious harm or even death to the general public.

As related by our friend Pierce, who is working for a State GLC, had told me to remember the new numbers instead of the 999.

Let me put in a hypothetical scenario below.

Here is another one of my ABCD Story.

A Family from USA moved to Malaysia – in particularly, Kuching, Sarawak (where Pierce and our project are).

Say if A is at home with family members B, C and D. A & B are adults while C is a 12 years old internet surfing kid while D is an infant baby. There comes E & F, two blockhead muggers climbing into the windows of the house where D is sleeping. They picked up D and D went crying out loud. This causes A & B to rush to the room and found E & F holding their baby D at knife points. Fearing for D’s safety, they both comply with what E & F wants.

With this commotion, it caught the attention of C who is in another room surfing the internet. Realising what had happened, he He googled for “Malaysia Police Phone Number” managed to get into http://travel.state.gov/travel/cis_pa_tw/cis/cis_960.html and read the part on the emergency numbers. He called the number in the paragraph below

    In general, Malaysian ambulance attendants lack training equivalent to U.S. standards. Callers to Malaysia’s “999” emergency number (equivalent to the U.S.
    911) are connected to the Red Crescent and patients are directed to whichever hospital the dispatcher chooses. Americans staying in Malaysia for extended periods, especially those who have known health problems, are advised to investigate private ambulance services in their area and to provide family and close contacts with the direct telephone number (s) of the service they prefer.

And check on the website http://www.mycen.com.my/search/info.html where it stated that

And in http://allmalaysia.info/travel/tips/phone.asp

    Emergency Telephone numbers:
    Police (general)/ Ambulance: 999
    Fire/ Rescue: 994

He picked up the phone and called “999”. But there is no one answering the phone. This went on for more than 10 minutes until E has realized that C is at the room door and grabs him over to the other room and knocked C unconscious causing serious injury to C.

When E & F has finished with what they intended to and robbed the family of all their price belonging, they left. This is when A & B managed to reach for one cell phone and starts to call 999/112 on the phone where the cell system routes the call back to the 999 again. But still no one is picking up the phone.

After another 10 minutes of trying, they pick up the poor kid C, who is badly injured and headed out to their car and rush C to the Hospital and being new to the city, They don’t know where to go to………………………..

After this ordeal, the ABCD family has decided to move back to the US again.

In another incident, another story (I heard this is a true story but no one in Malaysia dare to publicise it in fear of the Police).

One expatriate (Eurogen, just like us) engineer working in one of the famous industrial area went home one evening to a house rented by the company. He is staying there alone. Having a poor heart condition, after one whole day of meetings and lack of food, he has decided to take a shower before going out for dinner with his boss and visiting suppliers. On his way up the stairs, his poor heart condition gave in and he suffered a stroke. Knowing from the safety sign in his office, he memorized the emergency number and he pick up the phone and dialed 999, not knowing that the phone is not been answer, he repeatedly call back to the number and getting the ringing tone with no one on the other end. This went on for a long tone until he came to a cardiac arrest and died.

His boss and supplier that have been waiting for him to show up at the restaurant went on with the meal and decided to drop by his house to check on him. When they did come to the house, they found him dead with the phone in his hand.

Although the above stories could be fictional or unconfirmed rumours, it may happen. Things may turn terribly wrong if the entire world knew that in Malaysia, 999 is the emergency phone numbers but their Police here chose not to answer that phone anymore.

My suggestion is that may be the police should look into this matter and get either some government agencies which has call center such as their Chief Minister Department Talikhidmat ( http://talikhidmat.sarawaknet.com.my) to operate the call centre. I will let Pierce to convey this to Sgt. in the RMP.

However, I cautions those members in the company who is now attached to the **** (Censorred on request of Carmien — Pierce) project in Kuching to remember that the emergency number is your city is 082-244444 or 082-240800, It will be pointless to call 999. I would also make it mandatory for all you working there to store these numbers in your handphone and print the attached updated version of our contact sheet and paste it next to your phone at your place of staying in Kuching.

On the personal notes, John Mamre Head of Operation in Kuching, I know you have a heart condition and you are staying alone in the house I used to stay in, please give Agnes a set of keys and if you are unable to get hold of the emergency personnel should you face some difficulties, please call Agnes so that she can come over and help you. You should also get at least the phone number of the hospital that we consulted during my last visit, the Kuching Specialist Hospital, which is also walking distance from your residence. After considering the fact, I will arrange for your wife and daughter to move them to Kuching and stay with you while you work on this project for the next four years. Those team members in Kuching, please kindly check in on John occasionally to ensure that he is still alive.

I also wish to convey my heartiest regards to the Future Mrs. Stacy and Mr. Maxwell Miloka for your upcoming Wedding. Though the total of your age is more than 100, it is still good to know that Love spawn at the age of 52. Congratulations. I will make time to attend your wedding in Kuching. Prepare a glass for me. Also in this occasion, I would like John to organise a wedding cum annual dinner for our team members in Kuching on the same night to celebrate this. It is on the company since the two of you have a total serving years of more than 30 in the company.

Carmien Anderson,
Consultant & CEO,
Charles, PC Edins, and Anderson,

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