Day: September 14, 2005

  • Thank you Joe Seah

    I wish to thank Joe for lending me some DDR Memory. Now that my server is running normal again…. (**Finger crossed**) I think I will be back in action.

  • QSG 1355 – Jabatan Pendidikan

    saw this car when I was out for supper with my wife. This car is driving like mad man in the inner lane of the car park area next to the SCR outside Wisma Satok. One thing that caught my eyes is the number that starts with QSG. However, the people in the car does […]

  • Server severed

    My server gaved up on me this morning. After fighting for a whole day, I’ve found out that the power supply and one piece of RAM is Kapoot. Anyway, I am running half capacity now and hope I get some $$$$ This month to buy myself some more RAM.