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I went to collect rent today and found out a terrible fact. Some workers from Johore working here in “Brooke Dockyard” has not been getting their salary. For the rent, they are paying with some money borrowed from friends.

Their boss mentioned that they will be given advances in due time for due to the late project payment to the company.

One point I ponder here. What kind of boss that has no provision for the employees’ monthly salaries? Their pay is late and he still the money pay to the worker as advances.

Isn’t it ironic? What about the employees’ daily needs? I would think that the boss would like them to eat nothing and drink nothing. Silly boss with no sense of HR Management skills at all. Needless to say I would think this is one of the political clonies run businesses. No skill in company management and no skill in HR management. How could the company survive?

May be the labour department should look into this matter.

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