Dirty Singapore Chicken Rice shop at Satok

I went to have dinner with my wife and she went to her favourite place of makan, Singapore Chicken Rice Shop next to Wisma Satok. While waiting for her food and our drinks to arrive, I was pondering and looking at the place. WOW!!!. how dirty was it. Firstly,I found a bit of animal dung smeared on the floor, secondly, I was looking at the wall where there is a sign saying "please pay when the drinks and foods are served", Right there, at the word "please" right in between "l" and "e", I noticed "xiao chiang" (cockroach) was dancing on it. I was wondering what will DBKU do to this outlet???? Let me ask them tomorrow.

    Added 11 Nov 2005

    Apparently, they seems to be doing some renovation work here today.