Month: October 2005

  • Service Upgraded.

    Well, I’ve upgraded my WordPress with some extension which allows wap access and notify me on posting via SMS. I am trying to get another upgrade which can allows me to check and moderate post from my mobile. I’ll get some more features on including comment link and sync with other blog.  Pierce Web log […]

  • The Digital Awakening » Blog Archive » We Will Fight Back

    In reply to Peter’s log  The Digital Awakening » Blog Archive » We Will Fight Back   Dear Pete, To me, live on wheel chair is torturing. I’ve been on one for like a week after a climbing accident and that was horrible. The lack of mobility is causing me to go nuts. However, I’m […]

  • noisy office

    Three things happened so far in my office today. 1. Some guy without anus switch the tap off the building causing a draught. I managed to spot the problem this morning and sqitch it back on. 2. There is this noise of drilling all over the building because of the falling cornice which happened last […]

  • Pierce on the Run

    I’m sooooo busy today that I have not even the time to read any blog until now. I hope I can still catch up with the deliverables which I need to send to my boss this weekend. Better be getting back to work now.

  • Protected: Building breaking up

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.