A friend

A friend called and give me a surprise this evening. As I was having my dinner with my wife, I got a call from a lady who teased me like someone I used to know. Hmmm…. Only when she told me who she really is that I realised that wow!!! After so many years….. she still remembers me. The daunting things about it is that this lady and I used to play music and sing together. Anyway, now that she is famous, and she has really shown to the world that she is who she is and not who she used to be, that is a woman also famous man who is caring and emotionally sensitive.

Well, She was Jeffrey Chung or should I said he is now Jessie Chung. The boy singer, The airwave doctor, the superman caught on tape over CNN News, and my pal from almost 10 years ago.

I am invited to his wedding or should I said her wedding. To me, eventhough the outward things may change, and even the plumbing may also be changed, but inside, She is still the Jeffrey Chung in legacy with all his memories and now she is venturing into Jessie Chung, the lady who can now live a life of her choice. And whether she is Jeffrey Chung in Legacy, or he is now Jessie Chung, she is still my friend.

I do congratulate her on her wedding to this man who is man enough to accept her.

Added 8 Nov 2005:

A reporter, Maureen Koh, called upon leaving a message on my blog from the TNP in Singapore looking for an interview with Dr. Jessie, She also informed me that she had at earlier contacted Bryan from Natural health Farm and was promised an interview with Dr. Jessie. Supposedly she managed to contact Bryan at 7:00pm last Saturday evening. Ok. Now Dr. Jessie must have been very busy with the preparation of the wedding.  Which her brother Jeremy had told me when I bump into him at his office down at Tanah Putih. 

The wedding is on this weekend and I hope I can recover enough from my fever to attend it. 

4 responses to “A friend”

  1. Oh!… that is a tape he brought back from Hawaii, which we viewed back then at his house some 10 years ago. That is some laugh that we had back then. Old time memory.

  2. Oh ok…what happened to his cousin Khoon Tai (don’t know if I got the speling right), Jeremy etc? When did he leave the recovery?

  3. Khoon Thai is somewhere in KL, while his brother Jeremiah is here in Kuching. They left the “Recovery” almost 8 years ago to join a charismatic group in KL.