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Dear Pete,

To me, live on wheel chair is torturing. I’ve been on one for like a week after a climbing accident and that was horrible. The lack of mobility is causing me to go nuts. However, I’m grateful to be alive. To me, to live on this world is a right, and only God has control over this right. The rest of the thing is just priviledge. Priviledge is something that is given to you as an options in live. Like, the house I’ve lived in, that’s a priviledge. The shoe I am wearing, that’s priviledge. The light from the sun, that’s a priviledge. These can be taken away and live is still going on. Of course, if you take away the sun, then live is dead any way. I’ve the priviledge to talk to a prisoner of war back in 1999 when I am doing my final theology paper. I came to realise that one thing about prison in Soviet Union is that there is not even a shread of lights in the cell. Once in awhile, when someone shine a torch light on you, the light that was taken out from your life is terribly painful.

I am thankful that we are all living. We have so much priviledge that sometimes we take assumption that these are our right. Even the nice food we have here in Malaysia and Singapore to me is a priviledge.

My favourite quote from the bible is Hebrew 11:1 "Now, Faith is the substantiation of the things hoped for, the conviction of the things not seen.", You my friend has been in the substantiation of the live as a PWD. To your fortune, you are living in priviledge, not in some part of the world where these priviledge is unheard of. I do have faith in knowing what you have gone through, I do have faith that the life you lived is probably seven fold harder than healthy living Malaysian, and that there are really a lack of facilities for the PWD in Malaysia. I do laud your spirit of wanting to make it better and your convictin of the the things yet to be seen, a battle that you are fighting for. But I have only one gentle reminder that is that both you and I, are living in the priviledge of Malaysia and being compleasant is to know that "I am a priviledged PWD, I’m a priviledged person. I have the priviledge to blog. I am priviledged."

In the business world there is this analysis model called PESTE. Let me work it from the back.

E – Environmental
T – Technological
S – Social
E – Economical
P – Political

This issue on PWD facilities arised from the Environmental factor where things in the environ is not condussive to the PWD. There are Technological solution to the problem that is to have specially designed and customised amenities that is technologically possible to overcome. However, this is subject to the social obligation of the building owners in consideration of the economical factor to provide such a facility. How nice of it if this can be a political decision where all the building in Malaysia should have this sort of facilities for PWD. But the dark side of the politic could be, that is can be a change of decision of the political power to provice or remove such priviledge as well.

Pete, The backbone of politic is voices, If you can have enough support to get through the Political factor and make it a must, then you are a winner, and by then, the facilities for the disabled is a right (enacted by law), but before that happens, it is just a priviledge that you can enjoy when ever and where ever it is provided.

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  1. Dear Sarah,

    Firstly, I would’t say much about the religion thing because I am quoting that to Pete, not you. Since on the main page of the blog he mentioned that he is a RC Christian, it is therefore I quote on the same ground of belief a verse from the same origin – The Bible – and secondly, You miss my point. My point is in the last paragraph of my comment, and let me rephrase it again here, that is if Pete can collectively gain the support of all those people who has a heart, be it whatever religion they may be believing in, as long as there is enough numbers of support, commonality can bring issues to the spot light and since we are in a situation that the law can give people rights, it is therefore, as per my suggestion earlier, to make this issue – the facilities for PWDs – recognised by the law and therefore, “upgrade” it from a priviledge to a right. Pete should be clear what he is fighting for, that is facilities for PWD and in the best of my knowledge, this is still a priviledge and only the law maker can make this their right.

    Just as history dictate by your example, the African Americans fight to make it a law that grant them equality and this is realised by President Lincoln, where the political decision has been set forth and enacted as a law to make it happen.

    The fight for Pete is caveated on preservation and rights of having convenience and priority and distinction be given to PWDs, for that to happen, There has to be a law to be set forth to make people realised that PWDs has special needs that these needs has to be commonly acknowledged and provision has to be set to meet these needs.

    Please note that I do not object to Pete’s “fight”. Infact, I do support him in his endeavour. this is a challenge that he needs to take on and the challenge is the “fight” that he is in. It is for the rest of the priviledged Malaysian to discover. They need to make this discovery of the endeavour of this challenger and with this, to be convicted in their mind that PWDs need amenities and facilities that can allow them to function in the society.

    I, therefore encourage him to bring this matter “up” and to set his ultimate goal to fight to make it a LAW in Malaysia for publicly accessible building to provide the amenities, facilities and accessibility for the people with disability.