Chicken, Ducks and other birdies

I was driving around during the Raya day before leaving town and bump into sightings of birds running around near the main road in residental area and in public places.

1. Kenny Hill near my parent’s place, at the junction between Lorong 5A and Jalan Jerutong, There seems to be two ducks of which one is with a broken leg and the other seems to be missing its hat. The sighting is approximately 100 Meters from the MBKS Mayor’s house at Taman Kenny. (Rumours: Some residents in Kenny Hill and Taman Kenny had told me that those two birds and sometimes a goat, belongs to one of the MBKS councillor and that no one dare to complain about them fearing that they will be slapped by the law. But I don’t have the luxury of time to verify this rumour.)

2. The new road between Jalan Nanas and Jalan Satok linked by Lorong 27 Jalan Satok, at about 70 meters from here. There seems to be a few chicken running around eventhough bolted on the ground their feet be. 

3. Jalan Rodway, there are two big birds which looks like chicken but only maybe around 4-5 KG each, at opposite to Mr. Goh’s and David Chong’s house on Government vacant lands,

4. Along the Kuching International Airport runway in approximate to the Airforce camp (opposite the currently under construction terminal building), I don’t recognise the species but definitely birds as they can fly.

The vet department should look into these birds as I would think that there must be some violation of laws somewhere by having birds living near public buildings and residential areas.

four sightings of birds Click to view the larger picture

**Disclaimer: Since this is a sensitive issue I’ll reserved all comments to this post to myself.

My point of view is that since I’ve seen what H5N1 can do by turning a healthy 15 years old to a corpse in 3 days.This is my civic duty to report the sightings of birds which can potentially kill.

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  1. I’ve seen it cause I nearly ram my car into them when I used that road as shortcut on Saturday when I was on my way to Kuching International Airport. They look like chicken but I think they are oversized. Not that type of Chicken which one can see in Kampong cause the pampong one is too small as compared to these two. Sighted at the bend in front of Goh’s house probably around 50m from his gate. I also used that road yesterday but did not see those two birds around.