Bunch of crap

Let me pull together all the dung that I can think of this morning while I browse through the morning paper.

 1. I would think that some people especially the government is not thinking straight. Some of the comment is totally BS. On the issue of the supply, the outage of quota and supply makes no different to the Rakyat because to them, it means that they are unable to get any fuel. Be it that there is another 1 billion littre in the resineries or in storage yard, if it is not in the distribution, it is not accessible by the people and this causes much inconveniences to the people.

2. Fuel surcharge, Since now that the crude oil prices has decrease, I would think that it is about time for the airlines to reduce the fuel surcharge. This morning report that Airlines is making XXX Million here and there makes one wonder why the fuel surcharge is not been reduced.

3. In the recent fear of H5N1, I have noticed that some Government official has mentioned that the selling price of poultry has decreased. While this might be true, I have noticed that the prices of poultry has not decrease here in Kuching. And furthermore, my visit to the cold storage section found that the poultry stock is old (several days old) and has lose its freshness.

4. In relation to item 3, I have also noticed that some seller has hike the price of fishes and meats. The price for fishes has increased by probably 5% and meats 10% . Now I need these proteins to survive.

5. Last but not least,  DON’T TELL ME THAT WHEN I AM FACiNG WITH EMERGENCY AND IS IN NEED OF BLOOD, THE HOSPITAL OR BLOODBANK CAN POTENTIALLY GIVEN ME BLOOD THAT IS HIV+!!!!!! Don’t you idiot take samples for testing before putting the blood into circulations?