photos from Dr.. Jessie’s Wedding.

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Photo 1: Table 39

Photo 2: Orchestra.

Photo 3: Reporter sighted

Photo 4: The family’s.

Photo 5: More reporter (nice hair-do).

Photo 6: Same reporter – Other corner

Photo 7: All the reporters with cameras

Photo 8: The only time that the groom and bride are visible

Photo 9: More reporters…

Photo 10: And more….

Photo 11: And more…

Photo 12: And more….

Note: During the course of the dinner, we only see her twice, once on the stage as depicted in the picture above and the other time during exit after the dinner. 

Congratulation Jessie, now that you are Mrs. Beh. So, next time I call you, should I address you as Jessie Beh?

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