photos from Dr.. Jessie’s Wedding.

Photo 1: Table 39

Photo 2: Orchestra.

Photo 3: Reporter sighted

Photo 4: The family’s.

Photo 5: More reporter (nice hair-do).

Photo 6: Same reporter – Other corner

Photo 7: All the reporters with cameras

Photo 8: The only time that the groom and bride are visible

Photo 9: More reporters…

Photo 10: And more….

Photo 11: And more…

Photo 12: And more….

Note: During the course of the dinner, we only see her twice, once on the stage as depicted in the picture above and the other time during exit after the dinner. 

Congratulation Jessie, now that you are Mrs. Beh. So, next time I call you, should I address you as Jessie Beh?

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  1. Hmmm … I won’t go as far as calling her a DOCTOR.

    On her webpage, she listed a host of credentials – which all seem dubious and not very credible:

    * Lafayette University – in the US we call this school a Diploma Mill … for a few hundred dollars, you can buy a doctorate off the back off a book of matches

    * St.Andrew College / Hawaii Oriental Medical College – an extensive search failed to yield any one of these universities. If the good doctor obtained degrees from these places, perhaps in the 4 to 6 years it takes to normally obtain a bachelor’s or a doctorate one would imagine she could at least remember the exact names of the universities

    * International Therapy Examination Council (ITEC, UK) – found this place …. basically accredits make-up related disciplines such as tanning, spa, facial, etc. So Jessie/Jeffrey is a trained beautician? BTW, no such diploma in nutrition.

    * Beijing China Medical Institute – cannot locate this institution either. Being an old-boy of Chung Hua Chinese Middle School I can concede to a translation error from Chinese to English by Jessie/Jeffrey

    * East West University – also cannot locate such a university. I was told that most health product sales agents In Malaysia are “conferred” doctorates and professorships in such “health universities” to give them the creditability of a qualified health practitioner. I know of one who dropped out of high school, is (still) a coffee machine salesman, and has such a doctorate and professorship

    * Member of American Naturopathic Medical Association – for US$195 I can get a “supporting membership”

    * Member of American Nutritional Medical Association – listed on the quackwatch website (hence the q-prefix of my handle) … a professional membership is only US$100

    * Member of Malaysia Homoeopathic Doctor Association / Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medical Science, Malaysia / Speaker for Malaysia at the 6th World Male Medical Conference – these are perhaps the most laughable. I thought we have the world’s share of quackery here in the US but it seems that it is also alive and well in Kelantan, Malaysia. A geocities website and an expired tsx website are dead giveaways. And Prof. Dr. SIR? Wow a knighthood from the Queen? And what is a “Lord Pandit”???

    * Host of Health-care programme at Radio 5 & RFM 98.8 – don’t live in Malaysia so can’t vouch for this.

    Wondering is Jessie’s sex-change was done by an alternative doctor or a real MD.

  2. Dear Solorunner,

    Hmmm.. Create a new hotmail account just to post this via a open reply on someone’s cable modem in USA?

    Cheap but no caveat. Taiwanese?? Singaporean?? Asian country I pressumed.

    FYI, I also use that web proxy occasionally.

    My answer to your claims is as below:

    1. Lafayette is not a diplomas mill as what you have claimed. Please check

    2. Oriental Medical College

    3. I also have a ITEC certification for physiotheraphy due to needs from one of my previous IT project but I am only computer project manager. The certification will take up to 2 years depending on what certification you want.

    ** I believed that if you are going to make your website impressive, you will pull out all the certificates which is related to your business and publish them. This will also include maybe an IUG Degree for certified internet user which can be obtained back in 1996 by paying some fella IUG in USA USD 1 and you will get a digital certificates plus a mail in certificates if you add on USD 10 for the return postage. This is only Human nature.

    4. China Medical Institute is a school which teach physiotheraphy and acupunture, Location: Beijing. I would not concede that Jessie have made any mistake because if you are going to address a school which have a common name like St. Joseph, one would just use either a prefix or a suffix with the name of the location as an indicative pronoun to the common name. i. e. (suffix) St. Joseph Kuching, Kuching High School (prefix) or Massachusetts Institute of Technology (prefix).

    5. There is a East West University is in Chicago. Il. How on earth do you miss that????? Of course Jessie was not studying in Il. However, there is another East West University of Holistic Health Sciences in USA which is affiliated with Indian board of alternative medicine (IBAM). I think you must have use the wrong search engine. Try Google, Yahoo or Wikipedia. Just cut and paste the name as exactly from the Natural Health farm website and you should be able to find all the assiciates and institution.

    (got sick of numbering and referencing…)
    for American Naturopathic Medical Association and American Nutritional Medical Association, these are companies what provide Alternative medicine information and since Steven is a MD, I would think that what Steven wants to do is to oust all the alternative medicine from any claims that alternative medicine works. This is because there are some basis that alternative medicine works by boosting the immune system of the patient and thus make the body defence system works better in fighting sickness; and if alternative medicine works, steven will be the one losing out with some of the other MD who will be making less money due to the impact from this new line of remedies in the general market.

    FYI, you can listen to Ai-FM (formerly Radio 5) via Internet Radio.

    Dr. is conferred, not earned right? what what is the price to get this title? Pay 1 Million for it? Please note that Jessie is a supporter of alternative medicine. Most of the alternative medicine is not being accepted by medical institution because of “conflict of interest” in their marketplace. Hence these bodies of accredition will not endorse alternative medicine. Hope you still remember when Dr. Hunter “Patch” Adam started his venture, It was not accepted by the general medical practitioners because free medicine is suppose to be the given to the needy.

    On personal notes, eventhough I have a few MDs in my big family, I would still say this. Most but not all MD are “blood suckers” who is only aftering the monies of the people in sickness. When the medical professions started back in the 4000BC, The ideal of healing is to look at the healer and you are healed. (Bible book of Exodos, Sient Crada scrolls and etc.) The ideal thought has been abused ever since by the medical profession (which originated from the world of the now alternative medicine) and by causing tons of death, they took on and trying to profit to the misfortune of the ones in need. Patch had seen this and is on trying to improve the quality of life for the patients.

    Anyway that is Patch, Not Jessie. Here in Malaysia, we have our ways of doing things and in order for alternative medicine to progress on, it is still a long journey. Just as the path of the brand Himalaya has gone through and obtain global recognitions, Natural Health Farm is also going through the same thing but with bigger obstacle. It is on its way towards global recognition.

    NHF is Jessie’s work. Her tears and sweats is all in this. May be she has profitted from this but I would say that what she has pay is more than what she has received. To me, she is a Dr. because she has earned it herself through her life experience and studies. I knew her when she was still a he and back then, she did study hard for alternative medicine and people with medical degree should be called Dr. (and I don’t mean MD)

    Yes, she may not be as mighty as Dr. Patch, but to me, alternative medicine is much better than western meds. Yet I think we should have both in the way that it will balance out the norm.

  3. Actually far from using a web proxy … I actually DO reside in North America and not Asia, and the hotmail account is not new and is a true handle of mine (and of my hobby … long distance running and I have ran with the Harriers in Malaysia, and have an avid interest in the natural health and nutrition field).

    You are in the IT field, you should know – I am and will be consistently at this IP address.

    I stand by what I wrote and where I am … so there is no need for you to preface your reply with an ad hominem opener.

    Okay … no numbering or referencing:

    Lafayette COLLEGE (established in 1826 in Pennsylvania) is accredited, but Lafayette UNIVERSITY is not and was a diploma mill (which the FBI closed down in 1992, and linked to ANMA – see below). Jessie claims a M.Sc. in Nutrition from Lafayette UNIVERSITY. Lafayette COLLEGE (which you hot-linked) only offers bachelor’s degrees (and primarily in the arts – no nutrition major nor minor).

    In the interest of arriving at the truth and clarity, please enlighten me about the “Oriental Medical College” you referred to in your reply’s other hot-link. Perhaps a webpage, or the state where it is found, rather than a Press Release? I rather have the original source: Jessie claims it is “Hawaii Oriental Medical College” on her webpage. I did do an extensive search (yes, using Google, Yahoo, etc. – and including academic research tools, indices, and nexus search engines, etc.). I found a “Traditional Chinese Medical College of Hawaii”, which was the closest name but they only offer one degree, a M.Sc.- Oriental Medicine. Not the B.Sc. she listed. While you are at providing me with base source for Hawaii Oriental Medical College, toss in the link to St. Andrew College and her Doctorate in Natural Medicine (DNM, or NDM as she listed it as).

    ITEC – I still do not see a Diploma in Nutrition (nor a certification in physiotherapy, but you are not the topic of this discussion) on their website … care to enlighten me (on both accounts)?

    Beijing China Medical Institute – like I said I do concede to Jessie as I do not read nor write Chinese.

    IBAM – thank you for this reference. But I am unable to find the East West University of Holistic Health Sciences hot-link which you referred to. Instead I found the The Open International University For Alternative Medicines. There are the East West Academy of Healing Arts, the East West College of Natural Medicine, and the University of East West Medicine (I do not know how credible these schools are but none of them listed Jessie as a “Professor”, nor do they have a Natural Medicine Department).

    American Naturopathic Medical Association and American Nutritional Medical Association – you have taken a false premises argument in response to my query. I am not arguing with you the legitimacy of alternative/natural/holistic medicine – you surmise this conclusion yourself. However, I did question the ease in getting an ANMA membership (and ANMA at one point before the founder stopped practising medicine – I am sure the US government has something to do with that – and suddenly joined the priesthood as an archbishop of his own church organization).

    Hunter Adam, Natural Health Farm, Himalaya, the Bible, your MDs family, etc. are either unknown to me or irrelevant to my reply to your blog here. I don’t have issues with Jessie as a person, just the authenticity of the credentials she claim she has – and I hope Jessie makes load of money from whatever ventures she take on. I am sure it is not a crime to make lots of money in Malaysia, but it is a crime to pass off bogus degrees and credentials as legitimate.

    Please DO respond with the clarifications that I ask about.


  4. If indeed you are from a cable fro Rogers, then i would caution you that you may have a insecure port. Anyway, I will response to your queries later as I am in the middle of arranging a trip.

  5. Thanks for agreeing to respond later on. Enjoy your trip.

    BTW, I am aware of the East West University in Chicago that shared the first part of East West University of Holistic Health Sciences’ name. It is a small liberal arts university.

    Your most recent link (to The Open International University For Alternative Medicines) I am also aware of, which just simply listed an affiliation to East West University of Holistic Health Sciences.

    Pierce … please give me something credible to work with. In the field of scholarship one must cite primary sources along with the refering sources.