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Wife called. Want to know what time I can get home. Still stuck here in the server room at after office hour just because I need to swet up some server of which my boss wants. Also heard that the … Continue reading

busted! (Not Bastard!)

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I have been contacted and threaten by this fella who pretend to be someone from some part of Ontario Canada. He (I honour his gender as he called himself TOM) called himself a duck making noise buster but he sounded … Continue reading


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for the past few days since the weekend, there are a total of 2000 users visiting my blog. I hope this number will persist after the issue on Dr. Jessie has lapsed.

North East South West

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This morning’s paper is bombarded with the news of Dr. Jessie Chung once more. During the dinner, there were a couple of couples sitting on the same table as yours truly and we were talking about the courage Jessie has … Continue reading

Some doctors (Not all) (MD not Dr)

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From the point of view of one internet user from who is connecting to my site via an open proxy from Ontario, Canada, We went into a sort of arguement. The topic is whether Dr. Jessie Chung really deserve the … Continue reading