busted! (Not Bastard!)

I have been contacted and threaten by this fella who pretend to be someone from some part of Ontario Canada. He (I honour his gender as he called himself TOM) called himself a duck making noise buster but he sounded like a failure. From my analysis, he is hot tempered, impatience, and self-centered person who always think that he is right and everyone else is wrong. This also makes him fall into the category of "loner". He goes by the name TOM in his hotmail account which I doubt is legit. I have check some status on the account and found out that the account is either new or has been recently re-activated.

As I recall, he has not make any sense of himself by throwing himself up in the air making a Hoo-Haa on the issue that some "Ef-Bee-Eye certified" (denied by my friend in the state who is in there) warning on the so called "fake university" of which he claimed that the honourable doctor is graduated from. My friend is not amused by his threat and by his naming of their department in the posting. As the result of his mentioning, my web site is currently being probed by all three of the three initials in the states. I don’t think I will mention them any more because I really don’t like this kind of posting. That’s why I moderate all comments.

I would think that he is either from Malaysia or some Asian country. I have my reason for that especially from his communications. Let just say that these are my assumptions:

1. He could be a She (tense to use feminin voices)
2. He could be a med school grad
3. He tries sounded like someone I used to know whose name was mentioned by another friend in some comments in some earlier post.
4. He seems to know a lot of back ground about Jeffrey Chung and was not happy because of the becoming of Jessie Chung
5. He seems to know quite a bit about different places in Kuching and Subang; which I think, he has been here before or he is in Malaysia.

Anyway, I felt lazy to entertain all his question after he bombarded me with something which I think, he did not care about finding out the truth. I have not put anything on the tray to block him from doing anything because he is wrong about things that he said.

If he is reading this, I would like him to go and see the great JC and pray and stop preyying on the little JC.

One response to “busted! (Not Bastard!)”

  1. Hello Pierce:

    I thought we were going to have a rational exchange of information, but you continue to pursue your ad hominem approach.


    Your “* friend” claimed that his department in the * has issued no warning about diploma mills offering fake diplomas. Hmmm … I wonder if you do indeed need to have a “* friend” to even be aware of that.

    This warning – in fact an entire investigative operation code named “Dip Scam” was widely reported in The Economist magazine last year(http://www.economist.com/business/globalexecutive/education/displayStory.cfm?story_id=3079831) and Wired magazine 3 years ago (http://www.wired.com/news/school/0,1383,54596,00.html), and as recently as this year was reported in the Michigan State Senate (http://www.michigan.gov/cis/0,1607,7-154-10573_11549-122672–,00.html). DipScam was a * operation which completed its investigation in the 1980s, resulting in the discovery, exposure and closure of many diploma mills such as Lafayette University, where Jessie Chung clamed to have earned her M.Sc. in Nutrition.

    Why would the * probe such an insignificant website such as a blog, and be concerned about a closed operation from 20 years ago – especially one that was widely reported on??

    The closure of Lafayette University was reported in http://www.quackwatch.com (http://www.quackwatch.org/04ConsumerEducation/dm0.html), which also reported on the legitimacy of American Nutritional Medical Association, which Jessie claims to have a professional membership in(http://www.quackwatch.org/04ConsumerEducation/Nonrecorg/amna.html. Both Lafayette University and the American Nutritional Medical Association were the figment of Stephen R. Thomas’ imagination – who is now an “Archbishop” of the Romano Byzantine Orthodox Catholic Church (a new church group of his own creation).

    Pierce … Jessie’s degrees are questionable, as is her “professorship”. I would suggest to you that you and your friends at the very least consider the impossibility of a 30-year old gaining all these credentials.

    It takes 4 years to gain an honours bachelor (needed for graduate school), 2 years for a research-based Master (needed for doctoral work) and at least 5 years for a doctorate (most take 6 years). One would need at least 2 years in a post-doctoral program of research and teaching assistantship before one is even considered for a professorial appointment (at the Assistant Professor level). One needs a minimum of 3 years as an assistant professor, with an established research and publication track record before one qualifies for an Associate Professorship. A minimum of 5 years in this mid-career capacity before one is granted a professorship. By then, a professorship and a doctorate would have taken at least 21 years. Assuming most high school graduates are about 19, one would be likely in his early 40s to reach this career point. Jessie is 30. Do the match, and figure out how she managed to shave 10 years off, unless there are shortcuts she has taken.

    How do I know this? Well, my name is really Tom and I do live in North America and was trained and educated in North America. I have visited many of the Asian universities (China, Thailand, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, Japan), and have have visited your fair country Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur, Penang Island, Malacca, Johore – I have never been to Subang and Kuching as you claimed). I have enjoyed satay ayam, hainam chicken rice and dorian (an acquired taste I have to admit).

    Do I have issues with Jessie / Jeffrey? No. But I do have issues with the false credentials. They fool the general public into believing that she is a legitimate professor and medical practitioner. This is wrong and misleading, and presents false hope to people with critical illness (such as cancer).