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This morning’s paper is bombarded with the news of Dr. Jessie Chung once more. During the dinner, there were a couple of couples sitting on the same table as yours truly and we were talking about the courage Jessie has to go through all these. On the same table, we also have a prominent public figure. I still recall what I’ve said that night that this wedding might ended up like any issue in Singapore, a debate in the parliament. True enough, now it is happening in Malaysia as well, The Beh-Chung wedding is now a topic in Parliament.

If not mistaken, there was a member of parliament attending the wedding as well. My thought is that eventhough the wedding may not be legitimate under the eyes of the law, there will never be a possibility that they can get married, However, the wedding was witnessed by so many people and the media. To me, the event is only one’s dinner which he has invited the so many of us to witness a private ceremony.

I’ll let the parliament to decide whether it is ok for them to be called Husband and wife. It is too far and its beyond my reach.