Some doctors (Not all) (MD not Dr)

From the point of view of one internet user from who is connecting to my site via an open proxy from Ontario, Canada, We went into a sort of arguement. The topic is whether Dr. Jessie Chung really deserve the title "Dr". I came to my conclusion that the user whose persona a medical school drop out (Analysis done by someone with a degree in Psychology in human behavior profiling who do not wish to use the MD. title because the nature of work is in Information technology)

Anyway, this posting is not about Dr. Jessie Chung. This posting is totally about some class of MD which I am not proud of calling them Dr. I also do admit that it is not a sin to earn money from your skills. But some doctors has abuse their power and skills to give themselves more profits.

In the context of Basic Human Needs, food, shelter, clothing and basic medical care is what every living Homosapien on this earth should have. However, in this cash society, medical has become a commodity. Some people who needs medical treatment are denied treatment because they do not have the money or insurance which will cover for the medical treatment.

The origin of mecidine cam eall the way from the history book from the time of Moses when he hold up the bronze serpent to save the people from dying. There is no money paid to Moses. The people only need to look at the bronze serpent to be cured. In the reality of the world now, opportunist has taken in their mind by offering people promise of treatment at the expense of their money. These opportunist has made them rich and sometimes the people who is paying is not being treated because of some fine print on the paper they signed.

Any minor treatment may some time going to cost someone their one year salary. So now, if you want some medical treatment for free you would have to queue up and wait for the government to partially sponsor their treatment. So, now that the government Hospital is starting to charge people with all treatment they get, this will be a burden to the people. So, either you get a job with good medical benefits, else you would have to get some money from somewhere just to allow you to pass the go and continue on your life journey.