What is Dr. Jessie Chung’s age?

This is a Contest!!!

I have some facts here but I would be interested to know if anyone out there knew this fact or not. So, here it goes,

I am holding a contest!!!. Yes A CONTEST. The winner at the end will get a mystery worth more than five(5) Euro.

To participate, Kindly leave your valid email address when you sign up. If you leave an invalid email address, you are not qualify.

The other rule is that you must be at least 18 of age and you fulfill following list of conditions

1. Not Surname Chung é?? and does not have a relative that carries that surname in the six degrees range.
2. Not a worker of any of the Chung’s family and does not have any relative working for the Chung’s family in any of their businesses. This includes Siong Lee, Lok Thian, Natural Health Farm, Chung’s reflexology and any one of the business partner.
3. Not customer of these companies listed in rule 2.
4. Not affiliated to the companies listed in rule 2.
5. Did not obtain any information from the people listed in rule 2.
6. Not a schoolmate of Dr. Jessie Chung or Jeffrey Chung, and the Chung’s siblings
7. Has no defacto relationship with any of the Chung’s family member or any of their relative.
8. Not a worker or relative of Financial Institution, Registrar of companies, Any Medical Board, National Registration Board, imigrations, Telcos, any courts and any associates with have the legal rights to hold and kept people’s personal informations including people who has a copy of Dr. Jessie Chung/Jeffrey Chung’s IC

There is only one prize. if more than two person guess it correctly, a ballot will be drawn. 

There will not be any prize giving ceremony and the prize is not sponsorred by anyone. It is coming out of my own pocket.

To submit your entry, please submit it via comments to this posting. If your comment is not an entry to the contest, I will delete them. I will not answer any Q&A on this and there is no hint.

If you think that the above rules are silly, you are disqualified. 

So, start your comments. 

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