Domestic Trade and Consumers Ministry’s officer

In the morning paper, I read a news (bad news, cause no news is good news) that this person from the Domestic trade and  consumers ministry quote that "Illegal traders from China is really hard to catch because they hide and evade enforcement officers".

Well, kindly look at these picture I took with my phone last night (several hours ago) somewhere in the city where my wife and I had dinner after we knock off from our offices. These "China traders" were gathering all at the same place and they just trade. I doubt that they have legit trade licenses and that they have the correct visas to trade. Also with them are thousands of VCDs/DVDs. Also among them were some malaysian youth who is selling DVDs and VCDs as well.


I believed that this is not the only place gathering for Illegal "China traders" in Kuching. Looks like another season of Kuchingfest only that this one is not endorsed by any of the two city halls.

So, Moktar, if I didn’t get your name wrongly and forgive my ignorance, and head of MBKS Enforcement (e-request case 6J92PV), if you wish to contact me for the info on the location, and some suggestion, please email me (if you don’t email, as someone who can and email to me) at 

Disclaimer: This is sensitive issue. I will not allow comment for this post.  I stand on the ground that this is my personal opinion on  some officers who did not take in consideration of the fact before going to the press trying to clear some air. Reporters reading this post, Kindly do not use this post or this blog in any of your article without prior permission.