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Can all the reporters find out the fact before publishing things? Yes! Yes! Yes! I know you need a story, but please do not fabricate one just to fill in your columns. Firstly, on the fact of Raymond Ng who has committed suiside, he did not kill himself because of financial problem (as claimed by 新洲日报). He killed himself because of psychological and physiological sufferings. (source from the siblings and father) – Secondly, on Jessie Chung, please get her age correct before publishing anything, This includes those of the Lesbian Malaysia Network, Jessie has gone though life more than 30 years as a woman trapped in the man’s body, This does not means that she is 30 years old when she did the transformation. Of course a woman’s age is her secret but there are ways for you to verify the actual age of Jessie Chung. (, NSTP, TNP, The Star and etc) I don’t want to add to my list that reporter=rumours’ maker