Can all the reporters find out the fact before publishing things? Yes! Yes! Yes! I know you need a story, but please do not fabricate one just to fill in your columns. Firstly, on the fact of Raymond Ng who has committed suiside, he did not kill himself because of financial problem (as claimed by 新洲日报). He killed himself because of psychological and physiological sufferings. (source from the siblings and father) – Secondly, on Jessie Chung, please get her age correct before publishing anything, This includes those of the Lesbian Malaysia Network, Jessie has gone though life more than 30 years as a woman trapped in the man’s body, This does not means that she is 30 years old when she did the transformation. Of course a woman’s age is her secret but there are ways for you to verify the actual age of Jessie Chung. (, NSTP, TNP, The Star and etc) I don’t want to add to my list that reporter=rumours’ maker

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  1. Some reporters work based on tips, some on their own hunches, some has no sense of etiquette at all, some try too hard, some are lazy. But there are some real good ones too, and some could actually do some deep digging. but Msian papers are not like the US’, the UKs etc. We dont have that kinda freedom here, and most are ruled by politics and big bucks. So even if u got a good story, if its damaging, they wont let u publish it otherwise they’ll sack u; sometmes these rulers only allow a very generic news for coverups. thus leaving out all the nasty truths. so thats what u get in the end, a story thats not a story at all.

    and why all these fuss about JChung? i dont condone these sort of practice, but still, give the man some space, he’s got a right to do whatever he wants with his money. sigh…

  2. I know about the stress what reporter has. But SOME REPORTERS (check my List) are jsut shooting blanks. They try to guess and when they cannot guess, they use their own input. Not some fact from people like qbuster who looks for some lesbian site for info, but, I mean use their own input. Such input is baseless and there is no supporting fact to the input.

    I have nothing against Jessie Chung. She is my friend since 21 years ago and she will remain my friend for even more years to come. The fact and the truth is that she did not let the world know what is her age. So, some nit-wit reporter has decided to fix her age for her; thus the complication of the age issue. Please read TNP and theStar article on Jessie Chung, said something like “Jessie Chung, born Jeffrey 30 years ago”!!!! C’mon nit-wit reporters, I am 32 years old and Jessie is my senior, Her youngest sister is uno year my Junior and there were six siblings and base on borg calculation, Jessie is 2 of 6. Where does all these years has gone to? How could Jessie be younger than the youngest sister?

    Just because Jessie mentioned on the TV show that she has been suffering for “more than 30 years” and in chinese its “三十多年” 。This mades me think that either these nit-wits’ brain is on vacation or they are just taking in the fact that Joshua is 30 and therefore, Jessie can only be 30 or less.

    So much on Jessie. What about the late Raymond Ng? Why would a reporter put on the front page that the late Raymond’s suiside is due to money problem? Why would they say that he is “Jobless”? Show some dignity!!!. The late Raymond is suffering from depression and has been on medication till the stage of prolong overdose which cause the body to physically reject any type of medicine taken. The last of his days is filled with “fire” as what he has told his younger self that “daddy has a fire burning inside”. If only the nit-wit reporters has checked with the wife or the Datin!!!!!!!!!!! who is ……, (Find out which Datin!!!! yet???) they will know the fact. His condition is that if he took any medication, his body will start to react to the medication and cramped. The family is financially sound. His only brother will definitely help and as a ****** he is, and a Datuk in relation to the family, he should not have problem with money!.

    新洲日报!!! 您们的错误报导,对已故Raymond的名誉有损。他是我二十多年的朋友,请您们还给他一个清白吧!

  3. Fuiyo… i know what u mean. i dont shoot at u lah, i merely agree with u. but because i was once a reporter, i have to disagree with u on some issues because there r some good reporters out there too. just that circumstances dont agree with them. 🙂

    I know JC is ur friend (u said so), well about her age, i have no comment. maybe 30 maybe more, or less. she looks like she’s 30 and below tho.