Blog Hosting


I am going to offer this.

1. blog site using Latest WordPress (currently 1.5.2. Will upgrade when new release)
2. don’t ask me about the space cause its plenty (40GB more to share)
3. you can add plugins through sftp
4. you have total control of your own blog
5. can use sub-somain of these domain names (,

1. Its hosted on my desktop at home
2. It is running Dynamic DNS
3. My UPS just blew last month. (Need sponsor)
4. It depends on the best effort of TM NET Streamyx
5. If you don’t like the two domain, you can use any free domain which allows DNS CNAME or any, or if you prefer, you may register your own domain name.
6. no Web Admin.

Price: RM99 per year Negotiable 


Interested? Please email me: for more details

Terms and Conditions:

1. You must be a blogger in Malaysia.
2. Payment out front to me
3. I don’t host static page cause I ain’t hosting static page.
4. No phprun allowed.