Month: December 2005

  • recompense.

    Some time in 2001, I was happily courting this girl and for awhile I truly believed that she was the one for me. Her lure cativated me with much joy and happiness in my life that I felt like I was in heaven. Until such time then I felt that time has come for me […]

  • ends don’t meet

    I have just realised that my income will not be sufficient for my expenses next month. Even thiss month, my income is less than what I’ve spent. I don’t live in luxury. I need half of my salary for my house repayment and some more for another property payment. I am trying to sell that […]

  • Brooke Dockyard took more than 1 month to process payment.

    My recent plight came about when Brooke Dockyard has failed to pay for its worker RM 300 rent for Oct 2005 which is already more than one month behind schedule. I have tried numerous times to collect the rent which was for the month of October 2005. The place is now vacant and I am […]

  • What about a merger? And does the food really cost RM 70 per pax per meal?

    of all the Ding-dong about MAS, and the talk with Air-Asia, why don’t the world of Flying gets a turn around? My thoughts is that since MAS cannot be alive for long under current condition, there may be a way out other than selliing assets as operation cost! Why not MAS have a merger with […]

  • To Christmas or not to christmas

    This evening Bro Terry and I fellowshipped on the matters on christmas celebration with Joe. We mentioned that not all christian celebrate Xmas. The history is not based on the true account of the Bible. If you check the bible carefully, the fact has been twisted through time. In the bible, Christ birth was on […]