Saberkas ON FIRE!!!!!!!!! (not) (got picture!)

Two fire engines and a couple of ambulances has landed themselves in the compound of Wisma Saberkas this morning. Upon further analysis, I have found that this one of the "event" of the year where the 20(21) years old building is doing year-by-year (not) – A fire drill.

I was suppose to meet up with my customer this morning here for a session of User Acceptance Test for a project. My program was put on hold due to the eventual fact. Combing through the crowd were all the people with hard hats and a lot of security guard stopping people from parking at the front car-park of the building.

The drill went "online" without any fire alarm. Only one "Ah Pek" security guard going around, from door to door, asking people to leave their premises. However, for those people in government offices in the building, they were hit with a memo "Fire Drill at 9:00am"

During the drill, There were no cars parked at the car-park, there were no vehicle allowed to enter the building, and there were two red devil engines parked of which one os equipped with a sky crane where two firemen were ascented to the sky. The power to the office spaces were cut and was restored at 10:40am. There were a few pretenders that was warded to the hospital by the two ambulances.

To my surprise, there were no head count which is mandatory in case of fire. A Lot of the people has left the gatherings and sit in coffee shop sipping "teh tarik" and chewing on Roti Canai (Prata).

At the end of the drill, all the people were queueing up to enter the lift trying to reach their destinated offices.

Photo of the drill will be attached this afternoon. 

As promised, here are the pictures.