Very Poor Buses in Kuching

I’ve got this email today from a friend who were here last week all the way from Brussels. 

Dear Pierce,

Greetings! I was in your town last week supposedly for a business discussion downtown. I was trying to call on you to fetch me around but only to see you boarding a flight when I arrived. Anyway, I took my morning walk all the way to new BDC where I took a bus downtown.

To my surprise, Kuching, A "city" has such type of busses. When I was there some times ago, I used to take the busses, It was dirty, but all public transportation will eventually be dirty. This bus I took from Sarawak Transportation Corporation is really pitiful. Before the bus stop at the bus-stop, I can see a pile of smoke behind the greeny vehicle. It does not have any Air-condition, The floor is filled with litter and that was early morning at around 8 in the morning. The situation is much better when I got off the bus at Jalan Tabuan for breakfast.

Upon return, I have decided to take bus from another company. This Chin Lian Leong busses is even worse. The seat is broken, the cushion has holes in it and they allow people to smoke inside their buses. The bus driver is even worse. He is inconsiderate, puffing while driving, and yack on the cellular for three calls during the 5 minutes ride from Jalan Tabuan to Simpang Tiga.

I do remember you have told me before that you knew the boss of some of the bus companies. May be you could convery my dismay to them.

Anyway, I left something at Jane for you. See you around.

Your Car. 

Car is my friend from Europe. He was here on a business trip and was shock with the state of the public transportation here in Kuching. Firstly, I would like to say, one of the company mentioned in his email actually belongs to one of the Kuching’s mayor’s family. If you are in other part of the world, you could see nice public transportation such as those of Metro in KL. But here in Kuching, there is a Mr. Lee who convert trucks into busses. Most of these bus companies actually bought it from Mr. Lee because of the price differences as compared to getting a vehicle designed and built as busses. I would think that there were not much maintenance going on to these busses.

Maybe CVLB should look into this and make sure that busses are maintained properly.