back side got pain. Off for a day. Wasted half waiting for X-ray and the rest lay flat on a chair.

4 responses to “pain”

  1. Knowing what you know now, would you allow “Dr.” Jessie Chung to heal your back??

    Perhaps a couple of needles??

  2. Good luck .. I won’t trust a quack myself.

    If it is muscle pains, why an x-ray?? We have a product here call “Ben-Gay” which is a topical muscle relaxant (yes, that’s the name … as weird as it sounds; I’ve used it after my Ironman runs) … works wonder. I am sure there is an Asian equivalent, since you have such a large Chinese population in Malaysia and “ti-da” Chinese masseuse / kung fu instructors.

  3. Because the pain is behind my back and it is somewhere near the lung, Doctors advise to take a look from the perspective of X-Ray before taking the next course of action fearing that it might be pneumonia or something. The good news is that its only one muscle injured while I was sitting down on the sofa. When the pain is acute, I don’t think you will go slow on the treatment or go slow in finding out the cause of it. I think I should look at himalaya web site for anti inflamation remedy this evening.