Who upset Dr Jessie?

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While having buffet lunch with Jireh Seow, Martin Yeo, his son Kevin and not to forget, my wife, I got a call from Dr. Jessie who sounded distressed (should be angry, dishearted and “TOM YAM” boiling in the brain). However, the news is about this diploma mills issue.

Anyway, got to know that may be some times people think that she is being trying to deceif them (not), but I could only say, “nay”! The Dr. is doing what she is supposed to do, that is healing (fact of life, function of Doctor is not to make money, their function is to heal). May be for those like TOM (from now on, I think I will start calling him Tom yam) and the rest that is stressing up the Dr., I could only say this, “Come face to face, (Even Video Conferencing can be arranged) and put everything on the table. Let everything out so that it is not just the mindful thoughts of one person on one party but the mutual recognition of each other to resolve the problem on this issue on quacks claimed.

One point of thoughts, maybe it is true that Lafayette Uni is a mill, could it be that the Dr. is a victim and not an accomplice? I would think that the Some outfit which major line of business is products certifications may have some training centre (I know because I used to study in one) but they are not qualify to issue diplomas. However, these outfit does conduct the courses as perscribed and needed for the certification. Now come the part on the big word “CERTIFICATION”. Since their main line of business is just training, they may not be qualified for the cerification process. Hence the affiliations comes in; and in good faith, some may ended up affiliating with a mill instead of a real school. They may pretend to be running legit school but come to the end, they are actually a beast in disguise.

Well, some news on Dr. Jessie Chung, coming up will be her autobio which she is now concentrating now. Though I have yet to met up with her since the wedding. For Tom, this will be like listening through the mouth of the tiger. For the others, this is the story of a person, from a life time worth of experiences, since conception, through the pounding, the twisting, the boiling, the pain, the pine, the ups and downs, the flying and the crying, the shaping and transformations, the rightful findings, the pick it up and the letting go of the the whole deal in the life of a being, born as Jeffrey Chung and consumate as Mrs Joshua Ma nee Dr. Jessie Chung, a fairy tale in the making and a story of Dr. who has touched the well being of many and improved the quality of life for many more.

Now listen to a song I hope the Dr. will like.