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Sixthseal.com down

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Post lost

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I was trying to add one comment to the possst but tonight I have found the main text of the post missing from its database. Now that everyone can only see those funny characters. I will have to purge the … Continue reading

are you stupid!??!

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This one goes to the security guard at Star Cineplex last night. Juliet and Gilbert, Morris and Matilda, My wife and I, got some free tickets thanks to Juliet to watch the preview screening of Narnia. “WOW!” that place was … Continue reading

Sponsors for this site

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For those auditors out there, so far there is only one material sponsor to this site and that is Joseph Seah. Who has given me a 256 MB RAM when all my RAM blew up by the lightning strike on … Continue reading

Life is full of dissapointment, but Narnia saved the day

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I went out for dinner with Jireh. Since Jireh missed Penang Food, I brought him to this place called Alex Boh Authentic Penang Food at Tabuan Height.