are you stupid!??!

This one goes to the security guard at Star Cineplex last night.

Juliet and Gilbert, Morris and Matilda, My wife and I, got some free tickets thanks to Juliet to watch the preview screening of Narnia. “WOW!” that place was packed! And since its a Wednesday night where the ticket is the cheapest in the week, we could hardly move around in the cineplex.

On our queue into the theater, Matilda and Morris were stopped by this nit-wit security guard. “No Camera phone allow!” This guard asked Matilda to go and put the handphone away before coming back and watch the movie.

The shocking thing is his comment to Matilda. “Why are you so stupid?!? The ticket say no camera phone allowed! Why are you bringing one???”

Hey!!! nit-wit, why are you blaming Matilda, Juliet were the one holding on to the ticket and invided Morris, her brother and Matilda to come and watch. Matilda never got the ticket until we were all at the theater.

May be the management of the Star Cineplex should consider polishing up the language skill and the human skill of their security guard.