Life is full of dissapointment, but Narnia saved the day

I went out for dinner with Jireh. Since Jireh missed Penang Food, I brought him to this place called Alex Boh Authentic Penang Food at Tabuan Height.

First thing that I discredited this outlet is the lack of business sense. The place is in a mess. The food is  also in a mess. We ordered one Penang Curry Mee for Jireh and Penang Fried Kueh Tiaw for me. The kick about Penang food is the infamous hotness that is really fine and makes one wanting more. Initially we thought we can get authentic Penang food but instead, we get some weird food which is totally different from the actual Penang food I had back in Penang at Gurney drive.

To my dissapointment!! Much dissapointment. Firstly I get the waiting as there is not enough people working there. Secondly, The place has a lot of 小强 walking around. The food took more than 20 minutes to be prepared and the shop is almost empty when we walked in. Jireh has finished his portion of Curry mee and mine is still no where to be found. When I told the kid who is serving there that I want some Sambal. That alone took 10 minutes. Total time we spent waiting is 1.5 Working hour. At my usual charge out  rate before my current company, that is RM 1250. Total money I spent was RM 7.

After I got some KFC for my wife and picked her up from Slimming Sanctuary, We went for free movie from Digi which cost us RM 2.60 for the parking. The title we watched is Narnia. Which made me think of the whole story of God, Satan, Believer and the Armageddon war. The story portray the garden of eden frozen up due to the work of this witch. The crossing over wardrobe which the four kids who were later named as kings and queens  symbolised the believing. It is very hard for people to believe until they experience it. The death of the Lion Aslan symbolised the death of Jesus and after the death at the sixth hour, the Stone table of punishment is torn into two which is similiar to the torn of the tablenable. The resurrection of Aslan and the annulation of the power of death is following the bible where the death and ressurection of Jesus has surpassed death and annul death. The power of death was removed from the witch symbolised what Jesus has done for us and the breath of the Aslan which resurrect the death, symbolised the power of ressurection which Jesus has.

CS Lewis is preaching this Gospel to the people. I just hope that more people will get to know the true version of the story which is Jesus and not the fictional version of Narnia.