Jessie Chung

Jessie Chung’s Letter

This is the letter from Dr. Jessie Chung to any one concerned.

In this letter she has listed all her qualifications. Also included are some photo taken during convocation.

2 responses to “Jessie Chung”

  1. Thanks for the reference to “Dr” Jessie’s letter.

    The letter is already posted on my new blog ( with my commentaries. While I am appreciative of your patience, I have decided not to post long lengthy posts any longer on your blog.

    I am actually mindful of the fact that you have not once censor any of my posts, despite our clear differences in opinions about “Dr” Jessie Chung’s credentials, and I wish to respect that honour you have accorded me.

    I know for a fact that many of “Dr” Jessie’s credentials will not measure up to any form of scrutiny, and I will continue to be critical of her misrepresentations. You are a good friend of “Dr” Jessie’s, and my posts on your blog may be a point of friction between two friends.

    All that I ask is you to continue to ask “Dr” Jessie to come clean – provide the addresses, URLs, timelines and post her certificates, diplomas and degrees. I still maintain that, with the exception of the few certificates, she did not earn a single degree (bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate) through a rigourous legitimate program of studies (i.e. earned credits through actual course work), but in fact bought all her degrees through a bogus scheme of “distance learning” and “life experience credits” (the hallmark of diploma mills).



  2. When one of my children graduated from high school many years ago, he was in full regalia – including academic hood and mortar board. This was just high school.

    In fact, I have long misplaced my own academic hood from my last alma mater, and my university of employment rents one for me every year for our annual convocation ceremonies from a local regalia store (which also rents out other costumes for movie sets and halloweens).

    I still own my gown though, which I am required to wear at high tables. I frequently loan my gown to colleagues whenever they have to attend to university ceremonies.

    At one of the universities that I attended, I had my graduation photographs taken way ahead of actual graduation so that my parents could bring a copy to my grandmother to have as a momento since she was going to be unable to attend the convocation ceremony. Needless to say, I had the photo prominently displayed for all of my fellow students to view. Imagine if I had failed to defend my thesis – laughing stock material!!!