Some Questions For “Dr” Jessie Chung

Good Morning Tom,


Some Questions For "Dr" Jessie Chung
1. Can Jessie explain why Lafayette University was dropped from her list of credentials? Was the M.Sc. with emphasis in Nutrition purchased?

I would think that this is clear. Since you have been hammering on this school, one less credentials from her may not affect her list in total. Anyway, I think she will explain as to why this is dropped.

2. Can Jessie explain why her Professorship was dropped from her list of credentials, and why she is no longer calling herself Professor (like she did on previous versions of her webpage)? May we have the postal address or the webpage of the East West University of Holistic Health Sciences in the USA, please???

I know that most of the affiliations points to MO, US. rest of them I will let the Dr. answer.

3. May we have the postal address or the webpages of the rest of the universities and institutions she studied in, please??? No one else seems to be able to find them, anywhere …. especially St. Andrew, or St. Andrew’s.

I’ve told her about the address thing and also her year of graduations. This she has mentioned that she will publish it up


4. May we have the date of graduation of each degrees Jessie has earned, so that we have a better sense of the duration of her training and education? They say practice makes perfect, so it would be interesting to know if her doctorates are of the 4/5-year variety. Jessie seems awfully young (take this as a compliment) for someone to have attained all these medical diplomas and degrees (about 12).



5. Which degrees were obtained by on-campus studies, and which by mail? Wanna bet I can guess?


This she has also mentioned that she will indicate in her list of credentials.

6. Where did Jessie undertook her internship, and her post-doctoral fellowship? And her record of publications and research?


can’t comment on this because I don’t know the details of what has happened to her and what she did while she was away and when it has happened in precise. However, I do knew that these has been the time since she has left for study – 1985 and this was the time she first return from Hawaii – end 1991-early 1992 and her second return from Hawaii – 1995-1996 and this was the start time I lost contact with her until earlier this year – 1996 March 17.

We’ve been promised a full disclosure with pictures of all her degrees and diplomas by another blogger on his blog space … I can’t wait!!! But I am not holding my breathe.


Alright, my source is as good as yours. The list of her credentials is been published (present continuous). Only thing extra that I get is more explainations from her on what she has been conferred and what she has gone through.