BolehLand: Must everything in Malaysia have to be launched? I did not see any rocket been launched yet.

Tsunami Warning System Set For Launch Mid Next Year ::

This was in this evening. Pak Lah will be launching this Tsunami Warning system and its operation centre. Why must there be a launch? Is it because someone needed some extra pocket money which resulted in this launch? If not must be someone making it known that someone is doing their job. Anyway, whatever the reason they have, I will only know this. Most of the Launching event will cost in between RM 2,000 to RM 4 Million depends on the size of launching. I would think the government can do better with this money by maybe provide for the "RM 148 to save a life project" or allocate them for social welfare or something….

From my experience, I did a small launch in 1997 where the launching gimmick it self cost more than RM 3000 while the venue cost around RM 4,500 and the ang paw for the VVIP(I cannot recall who was the VVIP anymore) RM 3,000 and all these were charged to my small little project then which in the end flipped the balance sheet whoch was already balanced out before the launching. Some people don’t even make that much in a year let alone spent them all in a day for something called launching.

disclaimer: I have nothing against the Tsunami Early Warning System or the Ministry. I applaused them for implementing this system which benefits the public in such effort and timing. I was only wondering how much this launching will cost the people in the end. Tax Payer’s money I guess be it direct or indirect.