Letter from Dr. Rebecca Tiew

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My dear friends,

I’m Dr. Rebecca Tiew from Tiew Dental Surgery. I’m the Managing Director of ST Tiew Dental Group. (you can visit my website-www.tiewdental.com)

I’m Dr. Jessie’s friend. After reading a few pages of irresponsible condemnation and accusations of Dr. Jessie in certain websites, I find that there might be suspicious motives behind.  I have known her for years, I’m definitely sure that all the allegations against her are unfounded.

  1. I am absolutely sure that she had gone to the US for her studies. I have seen her degree and final examinations transcripts. I have also seen her graduation photo. I have met with Dr. Jannie Chew who had once introduced her to Oriental Medical Institute of Hawaii, USA. Dr. Jannie Chew told me that she had met up with Jessie the few times when she was visiting the US campus. Besides, I have met Dr. Choo, the Oriental Medical Institute’s professor, twice, when he was in Malaysia. He dropped by to visit Jessie and we had dinner together. He told us much about Jessie’s study life there. I have also attended a course by Dr. Choo in Malaysia. I bear witness to the recollections by Dr. Choo and Dr. Jannie of Jessie’s studies in Hawaii and am convinced that she had indeed studied and graduated in Hawaii. This fact might be unknown to some accusers of Jessie, but to her ex-landlord in Hawaii, ex-course mates and lecturers, brothers and sisters who stand witness to this; these baseless and unfounded accusations are devilish. It’s too obvious that these people are corrupting the truth!
  2. She has obtained her Bachelor of Homeopathic Medical Science (B.H.M.S) from Borneo Research and Educational Institute in Kedah, Malaysia, which is patronized by the Sultan of Kedah and is recognized by the Malaysia’s Health Ministry. She is also a member of Malaysian Homoeopathic Doctor Association. She is a homoeopathic doctor but not a medical doctor (MD). Why keep on arguing about her (MD) qualification since she has told you that she is not? If she is confirmed as a homoeopathic doctor under the rules and regulations of the Health Ministry of Malaysia, who are we to say no??
  3. The accuser queries the existence and truth of the ITEC’s nutritional course. My friends and I have studied and earned this diploma, through exams and project papers. ITEC provides 17 qualifications, including the Diploma in Diet and Nutrition for Complimentary Therapists, that are UK government accredited by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority, on behalf of the Department for Education and Skills, and are registered on the National Qualifications Framework in the UK. However, the accuser battered Jessie’s nutritional qualification from ITEC, saying that it is only a beauty school with no diploma in nutrition offered, and claiming this truth to be a devastating weapon. Dear friends, when the accuser, whom I believe is in the right mind and rationale, knows that this diploma is very much accredited (he couldn’t have missed it in his search) and yet could bluntly say it is not genuine, what values would you render to this person? Is he really interested in the truth? How then could he have compromised his “truthful” values by discrediting this ITEC’s qualification? If then he could compromise on his “truthful” values by unreliably remarking the ITEC’s nutritional diploma; that would tell us how many more of his allegations are doubtful, undependable and untrustworthy. Please kindly check the website-http://www.itecworld.co.uk/qualification ns/complementary.asp. 
  4. It‘s really most laughable to say she is too young to obtain all her certificates without even knowing her exact age. The accuser again, not knowing her exact age, yet claiming to have known her age by his so called “research”, started hitting out baselessly of how young Jessie must have been to acquire all her qualifications. And claims his truth to be a devastating weapon? Do you know how ridiculous this malicious claim is to my ears, knowing how old she is exactly? She is old enough to earn all her qualifications, if one could really count in the light of truth. The accuser, having erroneously counted the years she has taken to complete her qualifications, irresponsibly said it is an impossible scenario. Does he at all make reservations that he could have counted wrongly based on the info he has, and therefore render all his efforts in belittling and despising unfounded after all? It seems to me that the accuser is not bothered to truthfully vouch Jessie’s age, which is the foundation of his many malevolent accusations, before indulging in his quest for quacks, taunting serious degrading and defamatory remarks to Jessie. I have to admit she looks much younger than her age. Could you not agree more to the knowledge of alternative medicine, nutrition and dietetic that Jessie has, bearing witness to her youthfulness yourself? If this is not enough, her elder and younger sisters’ youthfulness testify to her years of knowledge as she proclaims she has. It is heart breaking to be hurled with abusive remarks, when she actually harvests the fruits of her studies by demolishing the shackles of illness in many, resulting in a healthier life. It’s pathetic that the accuser doesn’t know this. I have seen the results for myself. Results always speak louder! Besides, she has a kind and caring heart. She cares for the public and society. She’s been doing all kind of charity works especially for orphanages since she was 19. Her old friends, deejays in the radio broadcasting station in Kuching, Ms Anna and Ms Jennifer Lau could testify to that.
  5. The accuser, being alien to Malaysia’s radio broadcasting channels, could boldly claim the non-existence of the radio channel 98.8 and Ai.FM, through which Jessie hosted her health programs. I would have saluted him if he is indeed in the good cause of unearthing lies and quacks. However, I have seen enough testimonies and have known Jessie long enough to know that this accuser is not upholding the right cause, but distorting the truth. If the accuser is indeed thirsts for the truth, as he claims, he would have made a simple call to the above radio stations. He would have found the answer as Jessie has claimed. Moreover, the accuser’s claim of the absence of Jessie’s health programs on radio is definitely despicable to many listeners who had tuned in to her programs before, who bear witness that this claim is absolutely unsubstantiated. 
  6. While in Hawaii, Jessie has done her correspondence study from LafayetteUniversity, through credit transfer and proctored exams. She has studied for it, called and talked to the lecturers. Books were mailed to her. A diploma mill it seems to be, but Jessie did not go through the shortcut to buy that degree. She studied for it out of ignorance that the diploma mill did sell their degrees. Knowing it now, she has withdrawn it from her credentials, which is the appropriate thing to do. Yet the accuser lambasted that she bought her degree. To resume displaying Lafayette’s qualification in her credentials, despite that she has earned it and not bought, would have asked for more criticisms. Will someone please stop to think if Jessie, knowing Lafayette is a diploma mill, would still boldly reveal the Lafayette’s name in her website, only to be found out by many academicians online? Her thesis was about Enzymatic Therapy and Treatment. I have witnessed this dissertation myself. She has done a lot of correspondence courses to sharpen her knowledge which has greatly benefited her patients. Their testimonies speak of her depth of knowledge in alternative medicine, nutrition and dietetic. I have talked to hundreds of them personally, of their changes in health for the better. Many still keep in touch with her. Though some of her qualifications are not accredited, why should that deter her from studying? As we know, some of our Malaysia’s qualifications are not recognized worldwide. Does that hinder us from studying it? Is not the knowledge that she has gained, which has shown successful results through their testimonies, most important?
  7. There were some typing errors in her credentials. It was later rectified. It was her mistake not to carefully scrutinize her credentials in her website as she has entrusted it to her staffs. And it was her staffs’ mistake not to undertake the job with due diligence. She did not proof read it because she has other commitments to take care of. The accuser insulted unreservedly, not entertaining the fact that the above circumstances did occur.
  8. Results always speak louder! Dr. Jessie has a group of qualified nutritionists under her with many being graduates. They, who have been by her side these years, are mature enough and qualify to conclude of her reliability. Many of her healed patients have provided their testimonies with photos, I/C numbers and signatures.

I apologize if my use of words has hurt anyone. Anyhow, I would forget and forgive them since our God is a loving and merciful God. Thanks for your attention. May God bless you.