North East West and South – Radio Isotope

In the morning paper, I read that Sarawak General Hospital has some Radio Isotope Radioactive material containers misplaced/missing/stolen/gone/vanished into thin air. one thing worries me is that Radio Isotope if not been handled properly, someone may be exposed to too much Beta and thus becoming like "Incredible Hulk"; Oh well, not as bad as that, but may be lost of hair, body parts started to fall off and etc. Nothing biggy. Anyway, good luck to whoever who has stolen the Radio Isotope. I hope to see your obituary soon. Anyway theorethically speaking 0.01mg of this thing could potentially kill someone. What worries me and my colleague Teo is that if someone has sold these containers to some nit-wit who later used them to contain probably drink or food, the killing power will be beyond our comprehension… Gosh!.!!.!! how many people will be sick because of that.


Technetium is a type of Isotope used for Diagnostic and Radiotherapy purposes.