BolehLand: Mortar’s pirates in VCD

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The morning paper has claimed that there are informers that works for the pirated VCD seller where they are able to learn of when and where the enforcement staff is trying to make their move.

Now!!!! if this is the case, I am sure they are suspecting someone from within the organisation being the mole.

NOW!!! HELLO MORTAR!!!! WAKE UP!. If you suspect that someone or something from your department is leaking information on Enforcement work plan, put everyone under surveillence under the prevention clause of the Official Secrecy Act. IF ANY IDtenT violated the OSA, report him/her and he/she/it can be jailed for up to 2 years without trials. Don’t tell me that you have forgotten that there is such a thing called Official Secrecy Act.

Personal note to Moktar, Sorry, no offence meant. I just want to express what I feel when I read what those nit-wits has written about your statement. I am sure you are doing something about this and taken some prevention methods 

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