My car failed on me this morning

This morning, at around 8, I happily sat in my car and about to go to work. Then I realised one thing, My car won’t start, I’ve been trying to start it for the past hours but to no avail. I’ve also called Ah Teng, my mechanic and he is fixing someone else’s car in the town nearby. He can only be back for me at around 10:30am. I am quite angry now because this car, eventhough its faithful to me for the past 8 years suddenly quit and don’t want to be ignited. Anyway, with my limited mechanical skill, I’ve  cleaned the carb, also dry cleaned the contact point but all to no avail. I’m waiting for the mechanic to come and tell me the bad news. Anyway, I need to use my car today.

I cannot afford to buy another car because I need to pay for my house repayment and some debts which I have been slapped on due to some wrong move in investment. I just hope that Ah Teng can help me to fix this one and won’t cost me a bomb. 

On top of that, I have a weak stomach these few days. Things is getting worse with the super hectic schedule I have this coming week. including two medical appointment with a physician and my yearly dental check, at least two meeting a day and a relatively uncompetitive salary. Well, That’s life.