Day: December 24, 2005

  • Go “HOME” and eat

    I’ve been honoured as the first customer to a food outlet yesterday. My! Oh! My! The lamb shank. Mighty delicious. Too bad, I didn’t get to take any photo cause I left my camera phone at home for charging. This is a place behind the Amway office in Kuching. Give it a try, I’m sure […]

  • Jessie Chung??

    Hearing some scorning and comments from some people I knew recently, having tried to contact her in the past week but to no avail, I have decided to post this entry this morning. These are from the people who knew Jessie as long as I did. Ruth Thian – "Torture yourself by destroying the temple […]

  • of Painting and building

    This week, I have noticed the two things came together more than once. First is the sightings which I have discover, that is paintings on building. This is in a form of mockery to certain people in the state. Secondly is the painting which was stolen from a storage building. Though the painting is not […]