of Painting and building

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This week, I have noticed the two things came together more than once. First is the sightings which I have discover, that is paintings on building. This is in a form of mockery to certain people in the state.

Secondly is the painting which was stolen from a storage building. Though the painting is not of some famous artist, the painting however they are of high sentimental value to a family I know.

Thirdly, is the choice of selling paintings or buildings – Malaysia Airlines System. Though I see no reason why a company which cannot even balance the book, uses lended money to purchase these paintings, I am thinking hardly as to what rationalised such purchase. For someone who is poor, who cannot afford to get the next meal, I would think it will be either brain dead or silly to for such person to go to a art society and yell "I donate to you RM 1m"

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