To Christmas or not to christmas

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This evening Bro Terry and I fellowshipped on the matters on christmas celebration with Joe. We mentioned that not all christian celebrate Xmas. The history is not based on the true account of the Bible. If you check the bible carefully, the fact has been twisted through time. In the bible, Christ birth was on a summer night where the sky is clear and the sheep is sleeping in the wild. That is why the mansion is empty for Jesus to be borned in. And if there is snow, I wouldn’t think that you will be able to see star in the sky.

That is why those of absolute true christian faith will not celebrate the Xmas.

The same account as to the crucifiction of Christ. If it is in early summer, the weather should not be cold at night till such that people need to stay around fire to keep warm.  Do recall that in the Bible that Peter has denied the Lord three times and the first time happened when he is warming up around fire. If the weather is not cold in summer, why would people need to gather around fire to keep themselves warm.

I’m a christian but I cannot accept Xmas because Xmas has been commercialised plus it is not according to the teaching of the bible. The bible has asked us to remember the Lord everyday by breaking bread from house to house, not once a week or once a year. So, fellow believer out there, don’t let Xmas influence your life.