Went “Home” again today

Joseph of TMNet called for a meet. My wife and I headed to "Home" and order our food. Though the place has yet to settle down, I think it is quite ready for operation. Mind that the Fish and Chips has yet to come plus some salad that is not available . The Roasted Lamb shank is still hanging somewhere. But overall, the place is getting ready for business.

During the dining, Joe and I talked on the issue of VSS. Due to the restructuring, he was verbally offered a job at a new company.  But the letter of offer has yet to surface; plus he looks reluctant to accept the offer just yet. Then when Terry the chef came out of the kitchen, we talk on the subect of Christmas celebration.

Anyway, when I got home, I got a SMS from Dr. Jessie on whether I’ve got her Email last week which I have not. I checked through the mail log and there were none. I’ve called her later and we talked about the issue on her credentials. She has yet to take my advise on going IT in 21 Century but she has said to look into this plus some plans for her future (people will start wonder). I have promised her not to review the future plan. Anyway, she would like to extend her thanks to TOM on bring up the issues on her credentials. This incident has caused her to realised something  and encouraged her to do what she needs to do and what she has planned to achieve. Anyway, good luck Jessie on your future plan and do enjoy your honeymoon to come. (OOPS!!! Did I just mentioned Honey under the moon???")