What about a merger? And does the food really cost RM 70 per pax per meal?

of all the Ding-dong about MAS, and the talk with Air-Asia, why don’t the world of Flying gets a turn around? My thoughts is that since MAS cannot be alive for long under current condition, there may be a way out other than selliing assets as operation cost! Why not MAS have a merger with Air-Asia? Will this help?

MAS Should be operating like Air-Aisa, lean and mean. Plus, put this in the thoughts. If a doctor is injured, the doctor cannot heal anymore; instead, the doctor will require healing. Personally, The painting should go, all those on the pride list should go. Don’t go for things like best cabin award, cause those will only brings in more cost and less profit. A punctured compression tank cannot be used to inflat a tire. Sometimes ago, I heard from a lady whose old-man (deceased) was supplying MAS food for the flights. Mas was paying this fella RM 50 per meal based on the contract. Her old-man can managed to procure 28 units of shoo houses within a year and by the end of second year, a resort somewhere near the sea; Totalling 30 Millions. She is telling me that MAS now pay RM 70 per meal.

Now I start to wonder, is the food on the flight really that expensive? Let just say that on this flight you between KL and Kuching, you have one meal on board. Firstly, the meal you have would be of two choices of either Pasta with Fish or Rice with Curry Chicken. Out here in the real world, Pasta cost like RM 3 and fish cost like RM 10 That is a total of RM 13 which by portion is way above what has been served in MAS. If I cook the RM 13 cost of materials plus all the "small-small" things added, I come up with RM 30, plus my labour cost of RM 100 per hour, the portion I can cook is enough for around 20 Pax. That is at the cost of RM 6.5 per meal. Plus I hired a truck to send the food to Airport and cost of packing and prep, Let me double the cost. By the time it reaches the plane, it will cost RM 13. Now, the airport and government need a cut, do I double it again. That means that the cost of the meal should be around RM 26 per pax per meal. I don’t want to conglomorate the cost since I only cook 20 pax. But I may not be cooking only 20 pax in real life. So…..  Anyway, Stick to RM 26 per pax per meal. Lets round it up to RM 30 per meal (after tax). There are two choices and I double them, means that if there are 150 passangers on the flight, there will be 300 sets of meals ready. That comes to a total of RM 9000 per flight.

I have accidentally saw some bills before this in KLIA cause this food caterer there dropped one of the invoices at the aero bridge some times ago. It was written "

Food for Flight MH-XXXX

100 sets of XXXXXXXXXX

100 Sets of XXXXXXXXXX

Total: 200 Sets RM 14,000.00"

Letter head was MAS Catering or something like that. That translate to exactly RM 70 per meal. Compare RM 30 to RM 70, That is more than double of my earlier calculation.

We are chewing on extremely expensive food when we took MAS flight.

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