Brooke Dockyard took more than 1 month to process payment.

My recent plight came about when Brooke Dockyard has failed to pay for its worker RM 300 rent for Oct 2005 which is already more than one month behind schedule. I have tried numerous times to collect the rent which was for the month of October 2005. The place is now vacant and I am putting it up for sell. Though that, I am still waiting for this company to pay me that little sum which I am supposed to make used of them to pay the building management. The other part of this plight came when I am trying to get hold of someone responsible for the payment. So far I know that there is a En. Hauruddin who seems to be too busy to answer any phone calls. I know from the mobile cell site info that his mobile is in a move but he is just not picking up the phone. He has talked to me once (after many attempts) and told me that they will pay me the rent. The other person that is so rediculous is a En Tok Fock Seng (I checked for the name and there was no such person) which kept procasinating about the payment. He actually mentioned that "We are government and we take that long to pay". Well, excused me! I have deal with the SFS office and the payment is not as he claimed. If all the necessary endorsement is ready, the payment can be honoured at any time. Is Brooke Dockyard staff telling me that they are so incompetence in not getting such a simple document endorsed in time for pay out? The only friendly voices from there is this lady sitting in at the General Manager’s office and Georgy fella. I have also tried to contact the GM of Brooke Dockyard but this girl in the office told me that "He is on leave until next year" which to me means that he will not be working until 2007. Anyway, I was pulling her leg cause I knew a lot of people made such mistakes. She was helpful to let me know that the GM will be back on 3 Jan and I hope I can get hold of him before I start to make a bigger fuss about this. One thing that ruin my day this morning when I called them is that John fella, He told me that he can help initially but then when he realised its regarding payment he just said "I can’t help you!" – not even the word "sorry" and he slam the phone on me.

I think Brooke Dockyard should polish their PR skills and do something about this issue. Last I checked, all the workers’ salary is at least one month late.

I am going to call the Finance Manager this afternoon. This lady by the name Pn. Noriza. I hope she can be more helpful in resolving my plight.