Some time in 2001, I was happily courting this girl and for awhile I truly believed that she was the one for me. Her lure cativated me with much joy and happiness in my life that I felt like I was in heaven. Until such time then I felt that time has come for me to make the next move only then I’ve realised that she does not love me and has rejected my proposal. With a broken heart I took leaves and went on to an enjoyment spree for months, A lot of people said that I was having my winter time hibernating.  The hibernation went into a couple of years when I started to realised that I did nothing to make my life an improvement. Now that I’ve realised that I have failed as a motivator whom I was before, motivating teams of headless people working for their sweats and earning countless money.

Chances are that now, there is the old me who has gone and the injured me who has also healed though scars can still be seen. Though I could never forgive her for doing what she has done, for her to leave me, I can still accept that, but the result of her leaving me causing damages to my mortal body and soul, there will always be some scars that will never go away.