for sell????

USD 75K for a town?!?!?!

Ok, that is just the gimmick to sell a town. The town is Sibu and the way of selling it is by asking people to invest in it. Sibu has always been the base for most of the "Yung" in Sarawak where there are 10 of the "Yung"  clan resided for the past 100 years. This town is now depleting of its people because there is not much business opportunity and job offering. Though it has the tallest building in Sarawak for the time being, it does not have the penetration rates of other town. The population of Sibu is depleting day after days. Last estimate done by some people has shown that Sibu has a population grow only when it is festive season or long holidays when all the people came back to the base. In ordinary days there is below 80K people and the number is dropping.

No wonder that Ministry of Urban Development is out to sell Sibu to expat to boost the population of Sibu.

By the way, whoever that owns (Catz Media Services) surely did make a mistake. There should be no City in that division because there are only two cities in the state and that is Kuching and Miri. With a depleting population in Sibu, there is no place in the near future for it to become a city anytime sooner.