Things to happen by dec 31, 2006

1. Petrol price will increase
2. Kuching International Airport will be a head of schedule. (currently ahead by 3 months) Estimate will be six months
3. More highlights on Bloggers in Malaysia
4. Jeff Ooi will appear in Local paper once more.
5. More twist on TV Reality shows.
6. Death of one nation leader (Any country)
7. One Ultimate court decision (Something to do with War) Saddam Hissien
8. VSS by some Large corporations in Sarawak
9. Release of new movies
10. 1 Million new bloggers
11. Corporate take over of a major IT company by another (nesdaq/mesdaq)
12. Telekom Malaysia restructuring
13. Sibu loosing population
14. Number of tourist to Malaysia increased.
15. Apple Computer can now have a choice of using MacOS and/or Windows
16. First VIA C7 Desktop PC debut
17. More Nano-ATX PC application and seeing the kick-off of Embedded PC entering our general electronics.
18. Samsung will break through Solid-State Memory barrier once more.
19. Windows replacement OS (ReactOS) in Beta Test.
20. One Epidemic in Malaysia
21. Airfare will increase by another 10%
22. Malaysian will use Malaysia Boleh at least 10 times
23. Transexual issue will be on the pedestral again.
24. Dr. Jessie Chung expanding NHF outside Malaysia
25. West Malaysia will see increase of Utility cost.
26. 3.5G mobile debut
27. Firming of 4G mobile specifications
28. Sarawak Election – Barisan National won
29. Change of Surfing patterns
30. debut of a notebook 1/4 of the current standard size.
31. Sales of MP4 Player tripled.
32. New IPOD debuted.
33. FOC + RM 25 talk-time Prepaid Card from Digi. (with registration of course)

34. The first Wireless Mesh network in Malaysia – Kuching
35. Closing down of a MSC company
36. New computer virus that can penetrate routers and PC even with IDP and IPP implemented. Day-Zero Vulnerability
37. kick-start IPV6 in Malaysia
38. Cheaper Notebook from Dell and Acer (below RM 2000)
39. Resignation of a Malaysian Minister
40. Debut of The thinnest phone (less than 4mm)
41. Release of Storage based on Sinewave Memory Digital Storage (SMDS) Solid-state data storage to replace hard-disk
42. Launching of Microsoft Latest OS
43. Found cure for one currently uncurable disease.
44. Increase ringgit hitting RM 3.40 to US$1.