Sickness and Cold wind.

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The news is that some people are preparing for CNY, My wife and I have yet to decide but we will be going to her home town to visit her Granny who is sick now laying in hospital. I hope she will get well soon. I scolded her earlier this week when my wife and I took granny and grandpa to Bintulu by roads. However, It was my wife the one who got sic at first because she ate too much thorny fruits called Durian. She has MC yesterday and went to clinic again this morning.With the cold front coming in, I hope I can still sustain physically. I heard from a kawan in Long Bedian (If I spell it correctly) that the temp on Mount Murud is reaching 0 Celcius. That would mean that it is the coldest weather Sarawak has ever experience. I am not sure whether he BS or not but this is what he has told me via SMS.

So, I think this is what I have to say as the first gossip column in my blog after the upgrade.