Malaysian Internet on Friday the 13th

The TMNET and Jaring has been cut into two at noon today. TMNet (should be VADS) is actively denying it (1-300-88-9515) but I have managed to get hold of some technical staff who is helpful enough to assist me on this. The network routing in TMNet Eastgate has failed to connect to the Jaring-TMNet mix zone. However, while all these is happening, There seems to be an outage of the whole network to Maybank including Maybank2u. Maybank has apologised unofficially for this outage and was in the process of releasing a press release. While TMNet insist that their network has no problem, I have managed to get some confirmation from TMNet staff that the network outage is in the jurisdiction of TMNet. So, those VADS people out there who yell “sheileigh”, I hope you are contemplating with your pride of being a network without problem because it has been proven and acknowledged technically that TMNet as such which TM is managing (should be the part where the routing happen between Eastgate, TMNet and Jaring) was out since 12:45pm until 4:16pm