Poor McDonalds – JLN T Ahmad Zaidi Adruce

I went to the branch this evening trying to get myself a munch on the yearly offer of prosperity burger. To my surprise, this girl there has mentioned that the product is out of stock. On this account, I have also visited earlier the same branch but the same answer was given, “Out of Stock!”.

As far as I know, they have never carry this product this year. Why would a Mc Donalds outlet not carrying the promotion? My friend who worked somewhere nearby this branch has also been craving for this prosperity burger and has to travel all the way from Kuching to KL just to havfe a taste of the offer.

While Mc Donalds kept the promotional advertisement going on TV (and Radio???) but unable to fulfill the wantingn appetite of loyal customers who dash to Mc Donalds whenever there is a promotion going.
What will this Golden Arches Restaurants Sdn Bhd going to do about this? Are they going to leave this problem as-is or are they going to make some changes to rectify this situation?

One response to “Poor McDonalds – JLN T Ahmad Zaidi Adruce”

  1. Out of Stock? Same thing happened last year! My wife likes that burger so much I don’t know why…so u were there yesterday evening? I was at a bank near there yesterday evening too 🙂 got some guard photos and put it in my blog.